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ansleyRDgroup Review - BoomerChick Universe - Guide to Money TeleSummit

Project Description

BoomerChick Universe is owned by Jan Rose Distel whom currently also functions as the publisher of BoomerChick Magazine. ansleyRDgroup works with Jan and BoomerChick Universe in the areas of Internet Marketing Strategy & Execution, Facebook Advertising Campaigns, Online Marketing Consultation, TeleSummit Event Web Design, and Virtual Event Management.

In addition, ansleyRDgroup delivers BoomerChick’s bi-weekly newsletter and Social Media & Community Management.

Relationship Details

Client BoomerChick Universe – Jan Rose Distel

Date Ongoing

Skills Online Marketing Consultant, Web Design, Graphic Design, Product Launch, Audio Editing

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Hero badges and angel’s wings to ansleyRDgroup…great work!

You are wonderful. I love what you did!

Jan Rose Distel

Owner & Publisher, BoomerChick Universe

ansleyRDgroup reviews portfolio BoomerChick Universe Guide to Money Telesummit Jan Rose Distel

Project Feature

The Bewildered BoomerChick’s Guide to Money TeleSummit was a one week virtual event. Over the course of several months Jan interviewed 25 money and baby boomer life experts to develop these baby boomer resources.

ansleyRDgroup created the live event website, copywriting, audio editing, managed the event during the telesummit week, and executed online marketing and sales pre, during, and post event including ecommerce.

The Bewildered BoomerChick’s Guide to Money is now a passive income stream for Jan and BoomerChick Universe.

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