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Project Description

Jim was extremely successful working for Sprint, AT&T,, etc…so he quit! Jim states, “in 2004 I decided to quit and become a business owner because, although everything was going great, I felt unfulfilled”.

Jim Simcoe is a bit like Jason and Stacey Ansley…since 2004 he finds himself owning several business. His passion is helping people live an epic life.

Relationship Details

Client Jim Simcoe

Date Ongoing

Skills Site Speed Optimization & Email Marketing Strategy and Execution

View Jim Simcoe – Live an Epic Life

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Project Feature

Jim reached out to ansleyRDgroup to help him with several technical and marketing aspects of his online platform. The first task was for his Epic Life and Podcast website. The site had recently been redesigned and had too high of a bounce rate and too slow of load time. ansleyRDgroup assessed the issues and implemented solutions so Jim’s website would gain in search engine result pages.

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