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Project Description

KizzyCares is owned by Kizzy Cooke a female entrepreneur looking to connect loving caregivers with families needing to be served. ansleyRDgroup works with KizzyCares in the areas of Internet Marketing Strategy & Execution, Facebook Advertising Campaigns, Online Marketing Consultation, Web Design, and Graphic Design.

In addition, ansleyRDgroup has assisted with Project Management of the launch of her company.

Relationship Details

Client KizzyCares

Date Ongoing

Skills Online Marketing Consultant, Web Design, Graphic Design Facebook Advertising, Project Management


I love this! Nicely done! …Awesome work!!!

…Thanks for talking me through the issue I was having with the other developer; I wish I knew you existed sooner!

Kizzy Cooke

Owner, KizzyCares

ansleyRDgroup Reviews Portfolio KizzyCares

Project Feature

As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to get from dreamup to startup. KizzyCares was no different. Before ansleyRDgroup got involved the project went through a couple of developers that struggled to capture Kizzy’s vision or simply failed to deliver. On the brink of another roadblock, Kizzy reached out to ansleyRDgroup to quickly create a landing page and execute a Facebook marketing campaign to build her pre-launch email list.

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